Conclave Rauchbier

We have beer. When the smoke rises over our brewery, it is a sign that we have achieved a smoky lager with an unmistakable flavor. Conclave is religiously produced with 4 types of malts originating from Bamberg, Germany. One of its commandments is to carefully mix smoke and the malts to obtain a striking, smooth and balanced experience.


Pure tradition, in the fashion of Pratinha, this beer carries airs of a modern relic, with a characteristic aroma that is reminiscent of wood stoves. Despite the weight of history, our Rauchbier type lager is a light and clear beer, with a medium body. Appreciate with devotion. We, for example, drink it while thanking the heavens. Though we do not go as far as kneeling. 

Características da cerveja

Beer Type: Rauchbier

Family: Smoke-Flavored Lager

Alcohol Content: 5.3%

IBU (Bitterness): 21.2

Consume Between: 4º and 8º Celsius

Taste in: Snifter Glass


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Contains Gluten

4 Types of Malt Originating from Bamberg, Germany. A Dark Rauchbier Type Extra Beer.

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