Our style of brewery is the laboratory of ideas. As such, we created the Beer Hack Lab, a space for brainstorming and developing new beers.

We enjoy being in a constant process of creation and are always ready to take chances.

Obviously, you don't drink anything that goes wrong. But we do. For a truly new flavor to become concrete, we need t keep trying, with lots of tests and experimentation - in all senses of the words. And its only when the idea goes right that we begin to produce.

This is the most crucial point. Not a single detail of human creation can be lost in the industrial process. At the Beer Hack Lab, we automate everything possible to maintain the original spirit of Pratinha beers alive. We work as a team, people, machines and bits. Here, technology works for the same cause as its creators: beers that challenge the obvious, without ever challenging the universal standards of quality of major beers.

After all, developing innovative recipes with this level of boldness is very difficult. But losing them at the time of producing liters and liters is very easy (and, between us, it happens).

Inside the Beer Hack Lab.

The brewer's job at Pratinha can be compared to that of a researcher with all the resources available for the realization of their projects. It's as though the brewer is in a factory with no limits to creativity. However, always with the commitment of faithfully reproducing the ideal quality.

Inside our brewing laboratory we are able to combine the best ingredients with the strictest process control in beer production. Yes, we make beer with all the modern resources available. The entire preparation process for our beers is carefully overseen, and can even be monitored remotely over the internet.

When we conceived the supply sources for our factory, we used one of the most abundant natural resources in our area: the sun. We use solar heating for the water in the production of our beers. Furthermore, the carbon gas produced by fermentation in our tanks is collected for a spirulina algae aquarium, our green source.

An example of our classic and also high-tech DNA. Within our laboratory, we are able to align innovative resources with traditional beer brewing techniques, producing Lager (low fermentation) beer recipes in open fermentation tanks. To explain things more clearly, this is an effort to reproduce the original process of Lager beers from the Czech Republic, the cradle of the world's best Lagers, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. With completely different climate conditions, technology plays a fundamental role. But everything begins with our restless brewery mindset, surpassing limits and challenging the obvious.

In short, we spare no effort or innovative ideas to produce emblematic beer. Flavors never tried before.

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